My name is Joanna Zhanna Forbes. I am a Children’s book, Illustrator. Having been adopted from Russia at the age of 3, I have always sought acceptance and love from others in order to feel comfortable. This was difficult for me to do when I was young when I could not speak nor understand English, yet, as I have grown, and illustration has given me a way to achieve this needed connection with others. I write and illustrate my own adoption books as I feel they are a great way for new families to bond.  One of my dreams is to be able to connect with others in a creative and effective way. For me to share my love for art with others would make me truly happy. My art has developed through educational experiences such as my experience at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. I have learned to better balance between creativity and technique. I use both digital and handmade Illustrations. Color is important because it can be used to express emotions and I find it to be important in Children’s books. I illustrate Children’s books and my ideal client would be someone who has similar interests and goals. Having a youthful approach and art that is full of expression is most important.